Apr 15, 2020 10:15 AM

The customs of the International Airport of Mexico City (AICM) will apply, just from this April 15, sanitary measures to avoid contagion of COVID-19 (coronavirus) among people who enter the fiscal area, according to a statement given to know by the Mexican Association of Cargo Agents (Amacarga).

In this sense, the customs administration, in charge of Lorena Urrea García, together with the different associations that converge on this logistical point, agreed on a series of measures, 15 days after the federal government itself decreed the health emergency for cause of force majeure.

The business organizations involved are the National Association of Fiscalized Warehouses (ANAFAC), the Association of Customs Agents of the Mexico Airport (AAADAM), the National Chamber of Air Transportation (Canaero), the Latin American Confederation of Customs Agents (CLAA), Amacarga and the Federation of National Associations of Cargo Agents and International Logistics Operators of Latin America and the Caribbean (Alacat).

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The measures agreed by the AICM Customs Mutual Aid Committee for Civil Protection are as follows, according to the Amacarga statement.

1. The placement of the sanitary filter with two nurses to take the temperature of the personnel who enter the fiscal area, who will be located in the pedestrian access, in such a way that if people are detected with a temperature higher than 38 ° C, access will be restricted, so it is recommended that you take your precautions with the staff of the Cargo Agencies that come to carry out some procedure within the Fiscal Enclosure considering the times for the performance of their activities and are not affected in their operation by this review.

2. The healthy distance already established by the Ministry of Health of 1.5 to 2.0 meters must be respected.

3. From next Wednesday 15th of this year, access will not be allowed "without exception", to people who do not adequately wear mouth masks when entering the Fiscal Enclosure and must carry it inside at all times.

4. To discard face masks and gloves, they must be placed in properly closed plastic bags and placed in trash cans.

5. The constant hand washing and use of antibacterial gel should be followed correctly.

6. It is recommended to associates to verify the health conditions of the personnel that carry out activities within Customs, since if it is detected by the sanitary filter with any symptomatology that is considered risky, they will not be allowed to enter.

7. It is important to consider and abide by the decrees and recommendations issued by the Ministry of Health regarding people considered as vulnerable and who will not be able to enter the Fiscal Enclosure.

"The agreed actions represent strategies to avoid the spread of the virus and thus be able to develop Foreign Trade activities that are essential for the continuity of the agencies and the prompt recovery of the country's economy; reason why we request your support to avoid setbacks in your activities ”, ends the statement signed by Roberto Ramos, Interim President of Amacarga.

Within the country's airport system, the AICM is the main pole for receiving or leaving goods by air. However, the current health emergency situation has impacted cargo operations.

In the first two months of this year alone, AICM customs administered 15 thousand 529 tons of domestic cargo, 3.7% less than in the same period a year earlier; while in international cargo the story is different, since it added 69 thousand 760 tons, just 0.9% above what was registered a year earlier, according to data from the Mexican Federal Civil Aviation Agency.


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