Feb 26, 2021 15:29 PM

Between stress and productivity there may be a wide spectrum of options, however, the Official Mexican Standard NOM-035-STPS-2018, Psychosocial risk factors at work-Identification, analysis and prevention, is further from stress and close productivity, was the conclusion of the 41st edition of the Logistics Business Dialogues, from T21.

Under the title "NOM-035, the norm of stress or productivity?", Actors from the motor transport sector debated the objective, the application and the challenges of this norm, where it was identified that for the companies that have attended this topic previously, its implementation will be easier.

“There are 2 types of companies, those that have to comply with the paperwork and the requirement of the standard; the other type, those that enrich the norm and that care about the work environment ”, highlighted José Luis Zaragoza, general manager of Zaquin Business Services and Solutions.

José Luis Zaragoza's approach is aimed at stating that the standard is of great benefit if what you want is to invest in the company's main asset, the workers, to achieve a better environment and thus better results.

Arturo Niño, general director of Neuromanagement, stated that the norm not only addresses the issues of the company but also the relationship with the family, “it considers 5 categories and 25 dimensions, one of which is linked to the organization of work time and interference in the work relationship with the family, but also the influences of family responsibilities ”.

Niño emphasized that far from being considered the norm of stress, it should be placed in the category of productivity, in addition to promoting the worker's sense of belonging to the company.

Miriam Tostado, director of human resources at Grupo Aldafa, agreed on the latter, stating that in addition to belonging, she focuses on assigning tasks and is focused on decent work, the definition of working hours and contributes to preventing risk issues. that affects the mental health of operators.

"There are various health benefits, communication and changes in culture in the management, in addition to having motivated the awareness of the different areas that have links with the operators, such as logistics and traffic areas," said Tostado.

From the perspective of Raymundo Miravete, director of human resources at Transportes Monroy Schiavon (TMS), the standard is an opportunity for improvement based on being able to make different aspects measurable, also promoting a better work environment and leading to greater productivity.

One aspect that Miravete highlighted is that the norm in some companies solidified the actions that were previously undertaken, as in the case of TMS, and where NOM-035 contributed to this synergy.

"One factor that we see is that we have to change the scheme with the operators not to measure them but to take care of them, that is essential that they feel valued for what it really represents," said Raymundo Miravete.

Source: T21

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