Feb 12, 2021 17:55 PM

GEODIS, a leading global supply chain operator, offers its customers guaranteed space in an ultra-narrow shipping market from China to Europe.

The first 1,000 TEU [1] capacity vessel, exclusively operated by GEODIS, is scheduled to arrive in Hamburg on 28 February. This ship carries a total of 435 forty-foot containers for customers who have found it increasingly difficult to secure space with regular carriers at a viable rate.


The next ship is scheduled to leave Shanghai around February 10.


Depending on demand, GEODIS will plan additional trips over the next few weeks.


Matthias Hansen Senior Vice President, Global Shipping, GEODIS. "We understand the challenges in today's market that result from unprecedented customer demand and limited shipping capacity and travel from China and other parts of Asia," he observed.


“We are working hard to find solutions for our clients. Therefore, this exclusive boat rental complements the long-term fixed agreements we have with the major carriers. We strive to provide certainty to our customers amid an unstable market. "


"These market forces have created unforeseen and variable spikes in demand for Asian products," said Onno Boots, GEODIS Regional President and CEO Asia Pacific. “Our primary goal is to offer multimodal solutions to our existing customers to allow them to ship on time and in a reasonably economical manner. As an adaptable and innovative service provider, GEODIS is constantly looking for alternatives including rail, ocean and air products that meet this goal for carriers on the increasingly volatile Far East West Bound (FEWB) trade route. ”


Source: GEODIS via DGCI

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