May 05, 2020 10:19 AM

Despite the volatility and uncertainty experienced by the various industries worldwide derived from the COVID-19 pandemic (coronavirus) and the consequent economic recession, the actions of public companies involved in the logistics and transport sector It has presented improvements at the end of April compared to the end of March. When reviewing the evolution that has occurred in the last month (last day of March compared to the closing of the last day of April in the markets), it is observed that, where appropriate, the main indicator of the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV ), the S & P / BMV IPC, has had an increase of 5.5%; while the Dow Jones index of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) has increased by 11.1 percent.

Of the companies in the sector listed in the BMV, Grupo México Transportes (GMXT) registered the highest growth in the sector, 6.3% after ending last April at 22.23 pesos per share, in proportion to the 20.92 pesos per share on the last day. of March.

Traxion, for its part, reported a 5.1% growth in the price of its securities, when comparing the 12.62 pesos per share at the end of April compared to the 12.01 pesos per share at the end of March.

Meanwhile, Kansas City Southern, the other railroad that handles cargo through the Mexican Rail System in connection with North America, increased its share price 2.6%, after the end of April with $ 130.55 per share, compared to $ 127.18 per share from the previous month.

It highlights that both GMXT, Traxion and KCS reported increases in their total income for the first quarter of the year, announced in April. GMXT posted a 10% rise, 12% Traxion and 8.4 percent KCS.

Of the leading companies in the Mexico-United States trade exchange, XPO Logistics closed the reference month with the largest increase reported by the listed companies compared here, closing with a price of $ 66.74 per share on the last day of April, 36.9% more than the $ 48.75 per share it reported on the auction floor at the end of March.