Apr 29, 2020 10:18 AM

Mouthpiece maker 3M warned of counterfeit N95 masks, as well as price increases by those seeking to illegally profit during the pandemic.

He explained that in Latin America most of his respiratory protection equipment is destined for health professionals who are fighting the pandemic in first-line response hospitals and does not directly sell any of these products on websites or on social networks.

"Unfortunately, since the start of the pandemic, alerts and complaints have been identified and addressed regarding people who fraudulently present themselves as 3M distributors, selling company products, offering counterfeit products as if they were 3M or who falsely claim to manufacture 3M products".

The company indicated that it does not tolerate any activity of this type by the actors participating in the authorized channels, so it will identify and follow up on third parties that seek to take advantage of this crisis. Regarding the prices of the N95 equipment, he explained in a statement that they have remained the same as before the pandemic and are committed to maintaining them, since, although they cannot control the prices charged by their distributors, they have urged the entire chain distribution to do the same.

“We have created a website and a new complaint hotline for Mexico, where users, customers and the general public of 3M products can access or call to report possible fraud or counterfeit products: and / or complaint line (5255) -4631-9926 ”.

He said that he also works with major e-commerce and social media operators in a coordinated plan, to identify and eliminate counterfeiters and unethical sellers from their websites. (Ntx)

Source: Aristegui News