They recognize SLP as a reference in exports

Dec 02, 2019 16:23 PM


The foregoing by pointing out that export is the main engine of economic growth and development at the national level.
The distinction to Carreras López was made in the awards ceremony of the State Export Award 2019, organized by COMCE.

The specified business leader who arrives in other countries forces the local industry to constantly innovate, "that is why we recognize companies that have distinguished themselves in competitiveness, growth and export momentum."

Meanwhile, the governor affected that San Luis Potosí has ​​a notary worldwide due to the work of the Potosí businessmen who have consolidated both excellence and quality in their processes, products and services, in order to reach international markets.

He stressed that, like the manufacturing and metal-mechanic sector, the affected connection channels have been opened in agribusiness so that potential companies have increased their sales abroad to 40% of their production, mainly in articles such as meat and tomato.

“Mexico has many strengths, including being one of the countries with the largest number of international trade agreements, so far in 2019, in San Luis Potosí, 16,400 million dollars have been generated,” he said. The state leader.
He added that these agreements are a great engine of the national economy and, therefore, it is very important that companies linked to the export sector, expand, to consolidate the development of the entity.

On behalf of the winners, Rafael Cuevas de ABB México SA de CV, thanked the boost that the Carreras López administration has made in higher and technical education.

¨ He specified that this has allowed the firm to have processes that make up a matter of quality in the international arena, due to the excellent work of the graduates of local educational institutions, to be able to function in all markets.