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In a statement, the national division of the brewing company indicated that carbon dioxide is one of the most important elements in the production of its beer. As a result of the fermentation process, this gas is captured and later used in the carbonation of the drink.

For its use, the brewery company incorporated specialized machinery to guarantee its quality.

Uses, advantages and disadvantages of dry ice

Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide, the brewing company explained. This dry ice is used as a cooling agent, as one of its characteristics is that it has a lower temperature than ordinary ice.

This particularity makes it useful for preserving biological samples and biomedical or pharmacological products that are sensitive to thermal changes during transport.

Its use has also increased in the industrial sector, especially to facilitate the assembly and adjustment of pieces by cold shrinkage.

However, the production of dry ice presents some difficulty because there are not many companies that manufacture it in the world.


In addition, the equipment must be handled by people with experience in its use because they are not so easy to use.


As dry ice is extremely cold and reaches temperatures of around −78.5 ° C, the operation of the equipment requires total caution.

How is carbon dioxide ice made?

The cooling plates are made from CO2. The brewing company explained that this is allowed to escape into a porous bag where it is frozen. Later machines are used to compress it into cubes.

The challenge of transporting the Covid-19 vaccine

This dry ice sublimates when exposed to warmer temperatures. Vaccines must be thawing to administer them and for this reason it was thought that their distribution would be unfeasible at first, when the first formulas appeared.

However, the opposite has been demonstrated and the lots with vaccines have reached the different countries in which they have been distributed well.

Despite the progress made, the operation of the cold chain continues to be one of the current challenges facing the movement of vaccines such as those from Pfizer and BioNtech.

This formula needs to be kept at a temperature of -70º C to guarantee its conservation in optimal conditions.

Sum of efforts for the transport of vaccines against Covid-19

“These difficult moments require the solidarity and effort of all. For us, health and life are the most important. With this action we join the efforts of our authorities ”, stated Etienne Strijp, general director of the firm in Mexico, through a statement.

Thus, the brewing company joins other companies that have made changes in their production chain to support the government and the population to face the coronavirus pandemic.

Source: Logistics World via DGCI

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