Sep 24, 2020 15:38 PM

According to an analysis carried out by Business Intelligence T21, from January to July 2020 the value of imports and exports that were mobilized by all modes of transport between the two countries had a 19.5% fall, accumulating 290.628 million dollars (million dollars) , while in the same period of 2019 a value of 361.107 million dollars was registered.

As of July 2020, the imports made by Mexico from the neighboring country to the north totaled 117,484 million dollars, which meant a drop of 22.4% compared to the 151,397 million dollars that were obtained in the same period last year.

Meanwhile, exports between January and July 2020 accumulated $ 173,144 million, 17.4% less than the value obtained in the same period in 2019 when it was $ 209,710 million.
By mode of transport, the commercial exchange by truck had a participation of 72.1% in the 2020 period, while in the same period of the previous year it was 70.0%, that is, it climbed 2.1 percentage points, it should be noted that this period has been affected by the pandemic.

BTS data detailed that the movement of goods between Mexico and the US by truck reached 209,415 million dollars from January to July 2020, which meant a reduction of 17.2% compared to the 252,926 million dollars that were achieved in the accumulated of the same period of 2019.

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Mexico's exports via motor transport reached 127,044 million dollars in accumulated figures for 2020, which compared to 149,666 million dollars in the period of 2019, represented a decrease of 15.1 percent.

Imports accumulated so far this year 82,371 million dollars, 20.2% below the 103,260 million dollars that cross-border cargo had in the accumulated of the previous year.

But the mode of transport that had a greater drop in the accumulated movement of cross-border goods in the first 7 months of this year was the ship, which decreased to 30.9%, since the cargo added 26,351 million dollars, while in the same period of 2019 was recorded an amount of 38,115 million dollars.

Source: T21