Jun 03, 2020 12:55 PM

Less than a month after it enters into force, the partners in the Treaty between Mexico, the United States and Canada (T-MEC) concluded the negotiation of the final texts on the Uniform Regulations, those that, among other points, define the procedures of the rules of origin for the automotive sector, one of the most interested in knowing them. The Ministry of Economy (SE) in Mexico specified that their presentation follows from Article 5.16 of the T-MEC, which instructs the Parties to adopt or maintain through their respective laws or regulations, Uniform Regulations regarding the interpretation, application and administration of Chapters 4 (Rules of Origin), 5 (Origin Procedures), 6 (Textile Goods and Clothing) and 7 (Customs Administration and Trade Facilitation). "These Uniform Regulations aim to provide practical and useful guidance for better compliance with the rules and procedures of the Treaty in the aforementioned chapters and will provide legal certainty and clarity in the application of the provisions of the T-MEC," said the agency in a Press release. In accordance with the provisions of the three commercial partners, the T-MEC will enter into force on July 1.

In turn, he specified that, for the preparation of the Uniform Regulations, the technical team of the Undersecretariat for Foreign Trade, under the command of Luz María de la Mora, maintained close and permanent coordination with the competent areas of the Secretariat at all times. of Finance and Public Credit, as well as the Tax Administration Service, and close communication with the Mexican productive sector, representatives of chambers and associations to advance this important achievement.


Source: T21