Movement of vehicles grows 3% in Mexican ports.
May 27, 2019 13:32 PM

The largest number of vehicles was presented in the Gulf of Mexico with 450 thousand 262 units, which reflects an increase of 2.1% based on the 441 thousand 054 of the first quarter of last year, according to the monthly report of load of the unit.

In the document it was detailed that Veracruz is the port that moves more vehicles in the country, reaching 319 thousand 741, although with a fall of 5.8% against the 339 thousand 263 units obtained from January to April 2018.

However, in the Gulf coast the port of Altamira grew 18.2% with the maneuver of 91 thousand 878 vehicles compared to the previous 77 thousand 707; while Tuxpan displaced 38 thousand 643 that show an increase of 60.5% if they are opposed with 24 thousand 084 previous ones.

On the other hand, the SCT maintained that 203 thousand 257 vehicles were transferred through the Mexican Pacific, which represents 5% more than from January to April last year, when 193 thousand 553 units were accounted for.

In said littoral, the port of Lázaro Cárdenas stood out, the second with the largest movement in the country, with the presence of 159,979 vehicles, an increase of 9.6% against the previous 145 thousand 914; while Manzanillo grew 34.3% when comparing five thousand 291 units in this first quarter, compared to eight thousand 049 in the same period of 2018.

Another of the ports that participates in this cargo segment is Acapulco, which showed a decrease of 34.3% when compared to 9,694 vehicles in this period, against 14,762 of the previous one; while Mazatlan increased 13.5% with 28 thousand 173 vehicles, depending on the 24 thousand 828 of the same cycle, year against year.