Apr 28, 2020 10:10 AM

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced Monday that he will expire the stay-at-home order for the pandemic on April 30 and that businesses will gradually begin to open beginning May 1.


“The executive order has done its job. It's time to set a new course that responsibly reopens business in Texas, ”said Governor Abbott, who is of Republican descent.


At a press conference, the state executive announced that the businesses that will be able to resume activities from May 1 are restaurants, retail stores, shopping malls, cinemas, museums and libraries.


On the other hand, hairdressers, beauty salons, gyms, massage parlors, tattoos and bowling alleys will probably have to wait until May 18 to open, in a second phase of the economic revival that the federal government has insisted on.


This last provision is different from that of the Governor of Georgia, the also Republican Brian Kemp, who decided to order the reopening of this type of business, for which he received multiple criticisms, including the disapproval of President Donald Trump.


Also, some outdoor sports such as golf and tennis may be resumed in Texas with no more than four participants, who must keep the physical distance measurements.


The governor also called on Texans to wear face masks while in public places, although he said authorities will not be able to fine those who do not follow this measure.

“The Texas opening must occur in phases. Obviously, not all companies can open at once. We need a more strategic approach to ensure that we don't reopen just to have to close again, ”said Abbott. According to figures from the state Department of Health Services, new cases of COVID-19 in Texas have slowed down, although there have been steep declines and spikes throughout the month of April. This could suggest that the disease is not yet sufficiently contained. For example, this April 27, 666 new cases of coronavirus were registered, but only on 25 were 967 reported. The maximum peak occurred on April 10, with 1,441 infections in a single day. Overall, 25,297 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in Texas since the start of the outbreak and 663 deaths.


 Source: Forbes México