Apr 23, 2020 15:46 PM

In the midst of the contingency due to COVID-19 (coronavirus), the National Fund for Tourism Promotion (Fonatur), the Maya Train assignee, awarded section 1 of said railway infrastructure project to the consortium made up of Mota-Engil Mexico SAPI of CV, China Communications Construction Company LTD, Gavil Ingeniería SA de CV, EYASA s de RL de CV, and Grupo COSH SA de CV. This tender foresees the elaboration of the Executive Project based on the basic engineering provided by the assignee, supply of materials and construction of platform and railway, dirt road, structures, roads, drainage system, induced works and auxiliary facilities of Section 1 of the Train.

Maya, Palenque-Escárcega. 14 consortiums participated in this section. However, the winning consortium presented an economic proposal of 13 thousand 394 million 942 thousand 290.34 pesos, obtaining a total score of 94.64, of which 44.64 points were obtained for its technical proposal and 50 for its economic proposal. "Given that this consortium obtained the highest score from the sum of the results of the technical and economic proposal and meets all the requirements in the tender, the contract is awarded," said Arturo Ávalos, Director of Administration and Finance at Fonatur , during the act of failure. It highlights that the work will begin to develop on April 30 next, in accordance with the provisions of the tender, despite the existence of a Phase 3 Contingency for COVID-19.