Apr 21, 2020 13:55 PM

Along the way, Grupo Peninsular, Yucatecan businessmen joined, and later CMC-Shipping, a Chilean company, a subsidiary of Grupo de Empresas Navieras, which, after evaluating the project, decided to join under the conditions of foreign investment defined by Mexican Law. , creating Fletes Náuticos México (FNM).

Aware that high-volume logistics requires options that provide operational efficiencies and cost benefits that allow better inventory management, as well as security, punctuality and care in maneuvers, these three groups will facilitate the distribution of merchandise among northeast Mexico. towards the Yucatan Peninsula and northern Central America, through a new maritime route called the "Caribbean Gulf Service", which begins operations in the second quarter of this year.

The circuit operates in the Mexican ports of Tampico, Veracruz and Progreso, as well as Santo Tomás de Castilla, Guatemala. However, for special requirements, you can land in Tuxpan, Coatzacoalcos or Dos Bocas. This is a fourteen-year service in its first stage and weekly depending on the market response, says Alfonso Dix Ponnefz, FNM Executive Director, who ensures that the route will also contribute to reducing the carbon footprint and decongestion of trucks circulating in roads.

"Our offer is to operate general, containerized, refrigerated and project loose cargo, so we can move steel coils, structural steels, super sacks and oversized cargo. Through alliances with land carriers we offer door-to-door, port-to-port service or any of its combinations; the main products to transport are steel, salt, beer, petrochemicals, construction materials, household appliances, perishables, and frozen products, among others ”, details the manager.

For this, FNM makes available a multipurpose ship with a capacity for 10,000 tons of cargo, 676 containers (TEU), two cranes of 60 tons each and 110 tons in tandem for heavy parts, 30 connections for refrigerated containers and a draft maximum 8.7 meters and 129 meters long. For containerized cargo it has an initial fleet of 450 dry and 40 refrigerated containers.

Source: T21